Senior Civil Engineer — CoE-INFRA

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Overall project coordination for related tasks.
  • Perform project planning and tracking, monitoring progress, reporting, quantity survey and estimation, bill preparation, review, and recommendation.
  • Perform related market surveys.
  • Perform design coordination based on requirements.
  • Prepare documents such as project reports, necessary correspondence, minutes of meetings, and presentations.
  • Liaison with project consultants, project clients, and other stakeholders to schedule meetings, appointments, and other tasks.
  • Maintain files and records, both physical and electronic.
  • Abilities to evaluate, select and apply standard engineering techniques, procedures and criteria to meet basic engineering and construction specifications.
  • Perform procurement management, contract drafting and evaluation of bid documents, related coordination.


  • Bachelor’s in construction technology (SBST)/Civil Engineering/ Master’s in Construction Engineering Management/ Master’s in Infrastructure Management.
  • Exhibits sound communication skills.
  • Possess excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities.
  • Proficiency in AutoCAD, MS Office Suite, and similar software.


  • Successful completion of projects.
  • Strong and efficient project management processes.

Experience: Minimum three years in building or infrastructure projects.

No. of positions: 2-3

Location: Ahmedabad

Apply at: before 15h March 2023 with a detailed CV and portfolio.

Remuneration: As per industry standards