Multimodal Integration Tool

Multimodal Integration Tool

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Multi Modal Integration (MMI) in transport helps in providing seamless travel options to the commuters. While cities are introducing various strategies towards integrating modes, it is important to evaluate the level of integration achieved.

MMI Maturity Matrix is a tool which helps in undertaking an assessment of the level of integration achieved by a city across five core areas – Network & Service, Physical, Fare, Information and Institutional. There are 13 indicators or elements across these 5 core areas, and these are listed as rows. The level of integration varies from Level 1 to Level 5 (Independent System to Integrated System) and are presented as columns. Description of the 13 elements with respect to the five levels of integration is defined in the matrix cells.

Quantitative assessment is also done with scores given for each element based on the level chosen. Level 1 is assigned 0 score; Level 2 is assigned a score of 1 and so on till Level 5 is assigned a score of 4. The maximum score that is available for each core area is 20. The net score of the core area scores is the City MMI score. The maximum score that can be obtained by any city is 100.

Cities can use this matrix for mapping the current levels of integration across the 13 elements and 5 core areas. This matrix can help them to assess the level of integration achieved, identify focus areas and track progress over years. 

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