Conservation Site School: an initiative by Center for Heritage Conservation

Conservation Site School: an initiative by Center for Heritage Conservation

Project details

Ahmedabad Sunni Muslim WAQF Committee, Avichal Heritage Foundation, Kalidas Jethabhai Patel Family, M.M.K.B. Trust

2020 - Ongoing

Capacity Building


The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) was established with a vision of becoming the focal point in research, advisory and capacity building of the practice and policy of heritage conservation in the country. One of the initiatives of the Center is to run a Conservation Site School that offers short courses to professionals, administrators, site supervisors, crafts people and students for developing an understanding of architectural conservation and urban regeneration. The Center will adopt a site in need of conservation interventions/ efforts as the Conservation Site School, run short courses from there and in the process repair, restore and upgrade the site that can eventually be handed over to the owner/ custodian of the site. The effort of conservation of the structure itself will be carried out through Crowd Funding, CSR Funds and voluntary contributions process. 

Conservation Site School is conceptually based on a premise that many heritage sites that are highly valuable for their historic importance are neglected due to lack of active use or lack of funds and resources. The imperative of conserving such sites and structures lies collectively among the citizens. These sites are a great repository of historic knowledge and present an opportunity for conservation training and knowledge sharing.

Present Location

Site School in Ahmedabad 

The first site to be adopted for the Conservation Site School is at Tankshal ni Pol, City Survey no. 603, Kalupur Ward 1 that is under the custodianship of Ahmedabad Sunni Muslim WAQF Committee. This structure is listed as a Grade IIA heritage site and is one of the rare timber mosques in urgent need of conservation efforts in the historic city. CRDF and ASMWC have entered into an agreement that is financially non-binding and based on a mutual understanding where CHC will carry out educational activity and initiate conservation processes. Once conserved, the site will be used for an activity that will be arrived at through community consultation process and will be handed back to ASMWC who will manage it from there on.

Site Schools in Dharmaj 

  1. Kalidas Jethabhai House
    The site, located within the historic core of Dharmaj, is under the ownership of the heirs of Kalidas Jethabhai Patel. The building is a two-storeyed composite structure comprising of timber framing and brick walls. It has two wings separated by a courtyard, one of which is severely dilapidated. Over the years, the structure has undergone considerable damage due to continuous disuse, weather impacts and the lack of funds and resources for its repair and maintenance.
  2. Mukhi Delu
    Mukhi Delu is located near the Athamni Khadki, one of the oldest parts of the historic settlement. The building is a composite structure built in the year 1907 comprising of timber framing with intricate wood carving work and brick walls. The three-storeyed structure has not been inhabited, maintained, or repaired for a very long time due to which parts of it have become extremely fragile and are at risk of falling off.

Site School in Bhuj 

CHC CRDF and M.M.K.B. Trust have signed a M.O.U. for the CEPT Conservation site school in Nagarkhana, Darbargarh, Bhuj, in Kutch,Gujarat. The Foundation Studio, Master’s in Architectural History and Research, and Masters in Conservation and Regeneration, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University, visited Bhuj and started the semester exercise at the conservation site school.


CEPT Conservation Site Schools will be carrying out educational activities and awareness sessions (exhibitions and seminars) while it conserves and regenerates the site for any present use. The specific activities that are identified so far are:

  • Detailed Condition Assessment including Scientific investigation of issues, Non-destructive testing, Structural assessment and Material analysis 
  • Workshops on traditional building materials and construction techniques for architects and engineers
  • Training for site managers and contractors
  • Exhibitions and Seminars for conservation advocacy
  • Workshops for conservation education
  • Training for craftspeople
  • Training for professionals on Heritage Impact Assessment, Disaster Mitigation and Management etc when possible.

All activities proposed and undertaken at the Site Schools are discussed and verified by the collaborators and due permissions to carry out respective conservation processes are sought from the relevant authorities.


Any adult is welcome to volunteer for the conservation related activities. The volunteering will include contribution of your time, skills and expertise for restoration, advocacy, training and other necessary support to activities of site school. Anyone intending to volunteer, must write to to register with information about yourself: Name, age, qualification and contact details. We will reach out to you with available opportunities.


Conservation of such sites world over are heavily dependent upon funds from citizens and concerned organisations. We request you to donate generously to this initiative. Your support will be acknowledged on all information disseminated around this initiative through CHC and CRDF web presence, through newsletters and on the site. The funds generated for the Conservation Site School will be used for the following:

  • Conducting research and material tests for conservation purposes
  • Materials and Labour required for conservation in addition to volunteers
  • Organising awareness events
  • Subsidising educational activities

For any donation related queries please write to us on

*Note: CRDF is a registered non-profit organisation and is not registered under 80G. A detailed audit of expenses for donors will be provided at request.

Spread the Word
We will be constantly updating our processes through our Instagram page (@chccept & @ceptresearch) and twitter handle (@chccept & @ceptresearch). You can help us by spreading the word about CEPT Conservation Site School and encouraging Donations and Volunteers.

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