Performance Assessment System for Urban Water and Sanitation

Performance Assessment System for Urban Water and Sanitation

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The Performance Assessment System (PAS) for urban water and sanitation is an action research project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It focuses on developing robust methods and processes for performance assessment and improvement of urban water supply and sanitation in India. The PAS project introduced for the first time, a monitoring framework with a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help urban local bodies (ULBs) in India identify the current status of water supply and sanitation in their city.  It also provides a framework to set goals and local action indicators to assist the ULBs in identifying reforms and actions that need to be carried out to meet the goals.

The project is operationalized using a toolkit, which includes a compilation of data questionnaires, definitions, and guidelines that the ULBs can use to generate Key Performance Indicators for four sectors: Water Supply, Sanitation, Solid Waste management, and Storm Water Management.

 In 2009, the system was initiated in Gujarat and Maharashtra covering 400 cities in the two states. Today the system has been adopted by 900+ Indian cities in five states making it one of the largest Urban Water and Sanitation databases in India. The PAS database is increasingly being used by governments and institutions to inform decisions and drive policy change. The database can be accessed online using an interactive dashboard that provides insights and a wide range of technical analysis including aggregate value at state level as well as specific performance snapshots of cities. 

2019 marked the 10th year anniversary of PAS. To celebrate this milestone, CWAS organized a consultative workshop and exhibition that brought together national, state and city government officials, financing institutions, researchers, academicians and CWAS partners to reflect on the need and importance of data driven policy-making. Kunal Kumar, IAS, Mission Director for Smart Cities Mission, Government of India delivered the keynote address at the workshop. 

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