Climate Action, Built and Cultural Heritage in Indian Cities

Climate Action, Built and Cultural Heritage in Indian Cities


Sat, August 26, 2023

09:30 am


Climate change is experienced as gradual changes in temperatures, rainfall and wind patterns, and also as catastrophic events such as sea level rise, frequent extreme weather situations, floods and droughts, amongst many others. In all its forms, it has an impact on cultural heritage.

A meeting and a webinar on 'Climate Action, Built and Cultural Heritage in Indian Cities' were organised by the Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative (CRCI), Center for Heritage Conservation, CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CHC, CRDF) and Urban Design Collective (UDC) in collaboration with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) on 25th and 26th August 2023.

The two days brought together experts, researchers and practitioners from around the world to discuss the intersections of Climate Change, Climate Action and Urban Heritage.

Gurmeet Rai (CRCI India Pvt. Ltd.), Jigna Desai (CHC, CRDF), Vidhya Mohankumar (UDC) and Jayashree Bardhan (CHC, CRDF) are the core team working on this project for NIUA. The speakers and the panel discussants in this two-day event were Uttra Dasgupta, Neelima Jerath, Vaishali Nandan, Will Megarry, Vishwanath Srikantaiah, Mohan Rao, Prathijna Poonacha Kodira, Subhrangsu Goswami, Rajan Rawal, Sanjay Chikermane, Aparna Tandon, Repaul Kanji, Shalini Dasgupta, Gaurav Shorey, and Diane Bittar.



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