Center for Applied Geomatics
Center for Applied Geomatics

The Center for Applied Geomatics (CAG) has been established with a vision to leverage geospatial technologies combined with big data analytics to address challenges facing our cities and built environments. 

The recent emergence of advanced geospatial technology has transformed the way we plan and manage our natural and built environments. It is now possible to collect, analyse and visualize large quantities of spatial data, giving decision-makers valuable insights into current needs and helping planners, engineers and public officials make informed decisions. World over, technologies like remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have found use in city governments, planning agencies and development practitioners to address a wide array of problems such as land suitability analysis and feasibility studies, spatial planning, environmental conservation, public health mapping.

Cities in India are also increasingly employing geospatial analytics to map and maintain data on land covers, land use and urban expansion, as well as to coordinate and monitor city functions like waste management, public transport services, complaint redressal, tax collection in real-time. As India continues to urbanize and cities grow in size and population, the adoption of advanced technologies at scale to rapidly plan for serviced land and public infrastructure and efficiently manage municipal services, while safeguarding natural resources and environments will be imperative.

We aim to become a resource and knowledge hub for urban data and promote, facilitate and support the application of geospatial technologies in interdisciplinary research, education, community and government services. Our focus areas include the application of geospatial technology in urban planning, urban infrastructure and natural resource management, geo-spatially enabled governance, Enterprise GIS, application in Smart Cities, and advanced applications of GIS and remote sensing in industry and research.


Nitika  Bhakuni

Nitika Bhakuni

Acting Center Head and Principal Researcher

Dr. Nitika is the Acting Center Head and Principal Researcher of the Center for Applied Geomatics (CAG). She is also the Associate Director of the Center of Excellence in Urban Transport (CoE-UT) at CRDF. As the Acting Center Executive Director, CAG, she brings her extensive experience to bear on improving research, advisory and capacity building related to the aspects of Geographic Information System for the built environment. She is also an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Planning, CEPT University.
Dr. Nitika has over 20 years of practical experience in working on a wide range of Planning and transportation projects in India and the UK. Her expertise in working with GIS Data Management Systems and advanced GIS has helped her in Urban Planning and the transportation sector.
As the Associate Professor at CEPT University, she teaches studio courses on urban planning and transport systems, and in the past have also taught courses on GIS and Spatial Analysis in the University. Her background in the field of Geography and Planning along with the quest to learn on the job has helped establish her as a GIS professional in India and the UK. Her professional journey began with Zoning Atlas for siting of Industries in Himachal Pradesh using GIS and database management skills. She then joined NIF, Ahmedabad as a GIS consultant setting up the GIS-based MIS for the organization.
She moved to the UK in 2003 where she worked with British Waterways as a Canal Project Officer and established a GIS-based auditing technique to provide access to audits for canal towpaths and integrating the same with SAP. Thereafter, she joined Mouchel Parkman as a consultant working on managing Ordinance Survey database licensing system and corridor assessment for the A5 Motorway system in Northern Ireland.
On her return to India in 2009, she joined CEPT University and worked with CoE-UT extensively on planning and transportation projects, where her expertise has been on GIS-based database management, spatial and network analysis in addition to strategic planning, land use transport integration, social and environmental impacts and transportation accessibility.
Some of her notable work includes land use planning for flood-prone areas in Surat; Integrated Mobility Plan, Benchmarking Urban Transport in Indian Cities, Ahmedabad region;  Comprehensive Mobility Plan and Route Rationalization and Rapid Assessment of City Emission from Transport and Energy (RACE) tool.
She has a PhD in Transport from CEPT University, Ahmedabad, a Masters Degree in Geography from Punjab University, Chandigarh and a second Masters in Planning from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.
Shaily  Gandhi

Shaily Gandhi

Deputy Center Head

Shaily is a GIS expert with more than 10 years of experience. She is a Ph.D. from CEPT University in Geospatial Technology, and expertise in bridging the gap between GIS & governance.

Shaily has been recently appointed as the Program Chair for the M.Tech program in Geomatics (MGeo), at the Faculty of Technology. We are sure that her involvement at CRDF & CEPT University will continue to strengthen the relationship between academics and practice.

Shaily is an executive committee member for the Committee on Data of the International Science Council (ISC) and Joint Secretary of ISRS, Ahmedabad Chapter. She is an active member of IEEE, ISG, and ISRS societies. She contributes in important research projects as Data scientist and GIS expert with different centers at CRDF. She works closely on projects with GIDB, ISRO, GIZ, CODATA, DST Nagoya.

Shaily is a Doctorate from CEPT University Ahmedabad, she holds a Masters degree in Geoinformatics from Symbiosis, Pune and is a BCA from SLICA, Ahmedabad. Shaily is keen on exploring the implementation of GIS and data science in the domain of Urban Analytics. Her core interest lies in exploring spatial technology for better decision making along with defining spatial data standards for data interoperability for building future cities. As Deputy Center Head, CAG, CRDF, Shaily brings extensive experience to bear on GIS and data science.

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Monitoring Snow and Glaciers of Himalayan Region
Monitoring Snow and Glaciers of Himalayan Region

Space Applications Centre, ISRO
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Thematic Mapping of Nadiad, Surat, and Jamnagar in Gujarat

National Remote Sensing Centre
2009 - 2010 | Research

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Conference on Smart Data, Smart Cities, and Smart Governance
Conference on Smart Data, Smart Cities, and Smart Governance

October 03, 2019
CEPT Auditorium

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