The Center for Applied Geomatics (CAG) has been established with a vision to leverage geospatial technologies combined with big data analytics to address challenges facing our cities and built environments. 

The recent emergence of advanced geospatial technology has transformed the way we plan and manage our natural and built environments. It is now possible to collect, analyse and visualize large quantities of spatial data, giving decision-makers valuable insights into current needs and helping planners, engineers and public officials make informed decisions. World over, technologies like remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have found use in city governments, planning agencies and development practitioners to address a wide array of problems such as land suitability analysis and feasibility studies, spatial planning, environmental conservation, public health mapping.

Cities in India are also increasingly employing geospatial analytics to map and maintain data on land covers, land use and urban expansion, as well as to coordinate and monitor city functions like waste management, public transport services, complaint redressal, tax collection in real time. As India continues to urbanize and cities grow in size and population, the adoption of advanced technologies at scale to rapidly plan for serviced land and public infrastructure and efficiently manage municipal services, while safeguarding natural resources and environments will be imperative.

We aim to become a resource and knowledge hub for urban data and promote, facilitate and support the application of geospatial technologies in interdisciplinary research, education, community and government services. Our focus areas include application of geospatial technology in urban planning, urban infrastructure and natural resource management, geo-spatially enabled governance, Enterprise GIS, application in Smart Cities, and advanced applications of GIS and remote sensing in industry and research.


Darshan Parikh

Darshan Parikh

Acting Executive Director

Darshan joined CRDF in 2019.  Darshan is a CEPT University alumnus and brings with him 16 years of experience of working on projects and policies for the urban development sector.  He has contributed to the smart cities, revenue enhancement for urban local bodies, value capture financing, city development plans, and large scale public private partnership projects. During the span of his career, he has worked with multilateral and bilateral development institutions, central and state governments, para-statal agencies and urban local bodies.  Darshan formerly worked with the consultancy arm of CRISIL and Jacobs Engineering.

As the Director of CRDF, Darshan oversees the implementation of CRDF’s operational and financial processes and systems as well as organization policies and regulations.  He manages the CRDF executive office on a day to day basis and supports the Centers in pursuing funding opportunities, negotiating contracts and agreements and managing client engagement on diverse projects and initiatives.  He provides acting leadership for Centers when there is a leadership vacancy.

Darshan has a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from CEPT University. He is an avid reader and is keenly interested in geopolitics.

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Data for Resilient Cities

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Conference on Smart Data, Smart Cities, and Smart Governance
Conference on Smart Data, Smart Cities, and Smart Governance

October 03, 2019
CEPT Auditorium

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