Center for Heritage Conservation
Center for Heritage Conservation

The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) has a vision of becoming the focal point in research, advisory and capacity building of the practice and policy of heritage conservation in the country. 

Our country is seeing a renaissance of sorts with concern for heritage conservation becoming more pertinent, especially in the context of development. Most Indian cities have historic cores characterized by a dense network of streets, traditional houses, markets, living communities and their associated traditional livelihoods and social practices. However, these precincts are riddled with infrastructure issues. Numerous buildings that hold historical and architectural significance have deteriorated and dilapidated and are being improperly converted for unsuitable uses. Vehicular congestion, pollution, very high noise levels, have further worsened the quality or urban environments. Existing processes, borrowed principles and unstructured practices have not been enough to address the challenges and contingencies of these complex Indian realities. Intervening in these areas requires strategies that are specific to the local context and involve collaboration with stakeholders such as NGOs, community organizations, professionals and private enterprises.

With a firm belief in the ethics of conservation and sustainability, the Center intends to engage with municipal corporations, departments and ministries at central and state level, private practitioners and developers to inform practices on the ground and create sustainable and equitable solutions. CHC will also act as a repository of existing knowledge and contribute towards generating awareness and an intelligent discourse around the subject among the citizens and other interest groups.

CEPT University, through its Program of Masters in Conservation and Regeneration has been providing specialist education in theory and practice of building conservation and conservation led urban regeneration. The program also has existing academic collaborations with University of York, UK and National Museum of Denmark. The CHC will build on this expertise within the university to further expand these collaborations through joint research, experimentation, technical testing, publications, and public outreach.


Jigna  Desai

Jigna Desai

Executive Director

Jigna Desai is the Program Chair for Masters in Conservation and Regeneration at the Faculty of Architecture at CEPT University. She brings to the institute, her experience in working with traditional urban environments and framing how traditional architecture may be understood, studied and transformed. Her current work focuses on formulating frameworks, tools and methods, through which theoretical ideas of sustainability and conservation of living historic environments can be translated into practice, while addressing the challenges of co-production of space and commodification of heritage.

Jigna has worked on preparing the nomination dossier that led to the inscription of Ahmedabad as a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2017 and has extensive experience in architecture and conservation research. She is an advocate of community-based conservation and has partnered with several national and international institutions on heritage preservation initiatives in different parts of India. Jigna is an associate member of the International Scientific Committee for Historic Towns and Villages, International Council for Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and is an active member of the ICOMOS India chapter. She is also a director an award-winning practice - JMA Design Co that she co-founded with Mehul Bhatt in 1999. 

Jigna has studied architecture and has a master’s degree in sustainable architecture from Cardiff University and a PhD in Conservation Studies from CEPT University.

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CHC Inaugural Lecture: by Dr. Gill Chitty
CHC Inaugural Lecture: by Dr. Gill Chitty

March 25, 2019
Auditorium , CEPT University

Vishwanath Dham Project
Vishwanath Dham Project

May 11, 2019
CEPT Auditorium

A talk on Conserving Modern Architecture by Chandler McCoy
A talk on Conserving Modern Architecture by Chandler McCoy

January 16, 2020
FP- 103 CEPT Auditorium

Launch of the Ahmedabad Cross Section
Book Launch
Launch of the Ahmedabad Cross Section

July 03, 2020

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