Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) focuses on advancing the discourse of built heritage conservation through the lenses of sustainability and equity considering the challenges faced by the Global South. The Center collaborates on the most pioneering international research projects on the one hand and engages with the government, city administration, and industry on the other to inform policies and practices on the ground. The team at CHC approaches conservation as a comprehensive process that is situated in an ever-changing environment and constantly engages with all actors and stakeholders that are a part of that change. The educational activities conducted by the CHC team are recognized as one of the best practices internationally. We collaborate with a range of international, national and regional institutions and organisations. 

Key Activities: 

  • Creating a repository of knowledge on Heritage Conservation in India
  • Engaging in research projects that advance knowledge in the Indian Context 
  • Advising government, local bodies, and industry on aspects of heritage conservation and conservation-led regeneration with solutions that are long-term, implementable, and equitable. 
  • Offer short courses for the Continuous Professional Development of policymakers, practitioners, and implementers. 
  • Initiate actions that become a platform for engaging all stakeholders and rights holders in an informed discourse of heritage conservation. 


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Jigna  Desai

Jigna Desai

Center Head and Principal Researcher

Jigna Desai brings to the institute her experience in working with traditional urban environments and framing how traditional architecture may be understood, studied and transformed. Her current work focuses on formulating frameworks, tools and methods through which theoretical ideas of sustainability and conservation of living historic environments can be translated into practice while addressing the challenges of co-production of space and commodification of heritage.

Jigna has worked on preparing the nomination dossier that led to the inscription of Ahmedabad as a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2017 and has extensive experience in architecture and conservation research. She advocates community-based conservation and has partnered with several national and international institutions on heritage preservation initiatives in different parts of India. Jigna is an expert member of the International Scientific Committee for Historic Towns and Villages, International Council for Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and an active ICOMOS India chapter member. She is also a director of an award-winning practice - JMA Design Co that she co-founded with Mehul Bhatt in 1999. 

Jigna has studied architecture and has a master’s degree in sustainable architecture from Cardiff University and a PhD in Conservation Studies from CEPT University.

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Conservation Site School: An initiative by Center for Heritage Conservation
Conservation Site School: An initiative by Center for Heritage Conservation

Ahmedabad Sunni Muslim WAQF Committee, Avichal Heritage Foundation, Kalidas Jethabhai Patel Family, M.M.K.B. Trust
2020 - Ongoing | Capacity Building

Sustainable Conservation of Jaigarh Fort Precinct
Sustainable Conservation of Jaigarh Fort Precinct

Jaigarh Public Charitable Trust
2024 | Capacity Building

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Symposium on Indigenous Heritage
Symposium on Indigenous Heritage

May 03, 2024
FP-103, Auditorium, CEPT University

Workshop on Digital Preservation of Built Heritage
Workshop on Digital Preservation of Built Heritage

April 26, 2024
U01-202: CEPT University

Conserving Historic Bridges
Conserving Historic Bridges

February 29, 2024
CFP Basement, CEPT Campus

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