Design Innovation & Craft Resource Center
Design Innovation & Craft Resource Center

Promoting Craft Design Practices

The Design Innovation and Craft Resource Center (DICRC) is a research center for the development and understanding of Indian crafts, and traditional and vernacular interior architecture of India. The Center functions as an interface between creative persons, artisans and the industry; promoting collaborations and innovation in the field of crafts within interior architecture education as well as practice.

DICRC’s focus areas are 

  • Research and Documentation 
  • Innovation and Development
  • Education and Training
  • Application and Collaboration 
  • Resource and Knowledge Dissemination 

DICRC conducts dedicated research, creates documentation and organizes programs, workshops and projects related to Craft and Traditional and Vernacular Interior Architecture. It is engaged in mapping of crafts, craftspeople and craft enterprises as an approach towards identifying different types of crafts & crafts clusters and the scale of their establishments within particular regions. It is also actively involved in training and curriculum development for craft and providing a platform for discussion on the role of craft in Interior Architecture at national and International level. DICRC regularly conducts craft workshops and craft innovation internships and fellowship programs. Through these programmes and partnerships, the Center promotes and encourages the study of crafts and disseminates information to reach wider audiences.

DICRC also manages the Building Craft Lab, an online collaborative platform developed to generate, amalgamate, catalogue and disseminate resources related to Indian crafts and traditional and vernacular built habitat. The online repository allows users to explore traditional crafts and vernacular buildings using an interactive map interface. This one of a kind repository in India is a valuable resource for students, researchers, craftspeople, educators, design professionals as well as government stakeholders responsible for formulating policies to enhance and revise Indian crafts.


Jay  Thakkar

Jay Thakkar

Executive Director

Jay Thakkar is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Design, and Co-founder and Executive Director at Design Innovation and Craft Resource Center (DICRC) at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India. He is also Exhibition Curator of Academic Exhibitions at CEPT University. He has worked on various design, craft, exhibition and research projects in India, Europe and Australia. One of such key projects is the Vernacular Furniture of North-West India. Notable publications co-authored by him are “Sahaj: Vernacular Furniture of Gujarat” (2018, co-authored with Mitraja Bais, Samrudha Dixit and Ben Cartwright), “Prathaa: Kath-Khuni Architecture of Himachal Pradesh” (2013, co-authored with Bharat Dave & Mansi Shah), “Matra: Ways of Measuring Vernacular Built Forms of Himachal Pradesh” (2008, co-authored with Dr Skye Morrison) and he has authored “Naqsh: The Art of Wood Carving of Traditional Houses of Gujarat – Focus on Ornamentation” (2004). Sahaj was launched by Shri Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Matra won a Critic’s Choice Award – Best Written Work on Architecture 2009 at the national level award and it was presented by ArchiDesign Awards for Excellence in Architecture and Infrastructure, organized by the Foundation of Architecture and Environmental Awareness. His book Naqsh has been chosen by the Government of Gujarat for ‘Swarnim Gujarat’ Celebrations. He is also a recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) and Simon Digby Charitable Trust (SDMC) research fellowship. He has received gold medals from the CEPT University and the Gujarat Institute for Civil Engineers and Architects (GICEA) for his research work. He has earned his Masters degree in Visual Communication from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), United Kingdom and Bachelors degree in Interior Design from the School of Interior Design, CEPT University. He has been affiliated with different universities and organisations in across multiple countries and has published and presented papers, delivered lectures, organised field research, conducted craft-design workshops and mentored many students. 



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Ekatra: Spinning the Wheel Together
Ekatra: Spinning the Wheel Together

March 15, 0019
Kanoria Centre for Arts, K L Campus, Ahmedabad

Crafts meet Technology
Crafts meet Technology

December 02, 2012
Kanoria Centre for Arts, K L Campus, Ahmedabad

Craft Innovation Training Program
Training Program
Craft Innovation Training Program

July 25, 2015
CEPT Auditorium

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