Low-Carbon & Cost-Effective Solutions for Enabling “Thermal Comfort for All”

Low-Carbon & Cost-Effective Solutions for Enabling “Thermal Comfort for All”


Thu, August 06, 2020

05:30 pm

Space cooling is the fastest-growing energy use in buildings globally. By 2050, 45% of India’s peak electricity demand is expected to come from space cooling alone, of which a significant part is attributed to the adoption of room air conditioners in the residential sector. Studies on calculating and reducing this cooling demand have mostly focussed on supply-side measures, specifically cooling technologies such as efficient room air-conditioners. However, this solution is limited to a segment of the population that has both reliable electricity access, and can also afford room air-conditioners. Within this context, this study assesses low-carbon and cost-effective solutions for enabling “thermal comfort for all” households, as a policy vision. It recognises that in a residential building, the cooling load primarily depends on the design and materials of the building envelope (external walls, roof and windows). This study includes the impact of both demand-side (building envelope optimisation) and supply-side (efficient cooling technologies) measures to meet the 2050 space cooling demand.”


Sameer Maithel, Director, Greentech Knowledge Solution Pvt. Ltd

Smita Chandiwala, Principal, Energy-Se

Time: Aug 06, 2020, 17h30 IST

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