The Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative

The Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative


Sun, June 13, 2021

07:00 pm



The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC), part of the CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Ahmedabad and the Avichal Heritage Foundation, Dharmaj have collaborated in an effort to safeguard the heritage of Dharmaj, a village in the Charotar region of Gujarat.  A series of four projects focusing on the conservation and regeneration of valuable heritage assets of the village has been proposed through educational, research and outreach activities.


This launch event will give an overview of the initiative and potential projects planned as part of it while presenting opportunities for participants to get involved.


About the Centre for Heritage Conservation (CHC) The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) has a vision of becoming the focal point in research, advisory and capacity building of the practice and policy of heritage conservation in the country.  With a firm belief in the ethics of conservation and sustainability, the Center intends to inform practices on the ground to create sustainable and equitable solutions.


About Avichal Heritage Foundation Avichal Heritage Initiative is a movement that will implement the engagement of the NRI diaspora and next-generation through rebuilding and repurposing of Heritage Homes in Dharmaj, with Rhodesia House being the first example to tell the story of the Indo-African connection by conducting events to build cultural tourism.


Image credit: Avichal Heritage Foundation

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