Documenting Serampore

Documenting Serampore

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The publication 'Documenting Serampore’ is the culmination of the documentation work guided of Dr. Jigna Desai, Flaming Aalund, Khushi Shah and Shristina Shrrestha.

In 2017 the Conservation Area of the Faculty of Architecture at CEPT University had entered into an agreement with the National Museum of Denmark (NMD) to collaborate on their Serampore Initiative that works on conservation initiatives in Serampore, West Bengal.

The Serampore Initiative was founded by the National Museum of Denmark in 2008 with the purpose of documenting and preserving the cultural heritage of this former Danish Colony. The book is a compilation of the history of Serampore, the journey of the initiative, Documentation of various Indian and European style structures and precincts by students from CEPT University through thesis and winter schools. It also puts together the study on the Jute Industry and its ancillary buildings as well as the studies focused on the town’s urban fabric, along the river edge of Serampore.

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