Risk Assessment of Cultural Heritage

Risk Assessment of Cultural Heritage

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The webinar on "Risk Assessment of Cultural Heritage" aims to introduce participants to methods and strategic tools applied for risk assessment of cultural heritage properties as part of a holistic outlook towards approaches to heritage conservation. It will expose participants to the importance of risk assessment as an effective tool for the conservation, management and maintenance of historic sites.

Tiago Miguel Ferreira (Keynote Speaker | ISISE, University of Minho, Portugal), Arun Menon (Associate Professor of Structural Engineering, IIT Madras), Rohit Jigyasu (Project Manager, ICCROM) and Poonam Verma Mascarenhas (Director, Archinova Environs | Coordinator NSC-Risk Preparedness, ICOMOS) were the key Speakers of the Webniar. 

This event was organised by Conservation Frameworks Studio of Masters in Conservation and Regeneration, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University and Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) at CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF)