Understanding Archaeology

Understanding Archaeology

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Methodical investigation and research of archaeological sites have led us to our understanding of human history. Protection, preservation and management of archaeological sites need a critical understanding of the processes and methodologies followed by archaeologists, researchers and policymakers.

The panel discussion on 15th January 2021, aimed to bring forth the academic and legislative requirements of protecting archaeological sites, the systematic study of the material remains of the past and deliberate actions designed to ensure their conservation as per the rules and regulations while understanding the challenges and limitations of the archaeological sites which often differs from the built heritage. 

The key notes were delivered by Richard Mackay, AM (Director of Possibilities at Mackay Strategic and prominent Australian archaeologist)

Janhwij Sharma (Joint Director General, Conservation & World Heritage Section, Archaeological Survey of India), Dr Tejas Garge (Director, Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Maharashtra), Prof Shanti Pappu
(Secretary, Sharma Centre for Heritage Education, India) and Dr Varad S Sabnis (Assistant Superintending Archaeologist, Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Govt of Goa) were the key pannalist for the discussion. 

This discussion was Jointly organised by Masters in Conservation and Regeneration Program at Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University and Center for Heritage Conservation at CEPT Research and Development Foundation.

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