CHC in association with NTU concluded 4-day workshop on 3D Laser Scanning

CHC in association with NTU concluded 4-day workshop on 3D Laser Scanning

Thu, April 01, 2021 Workshop

The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) at CRDF with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) conducted a 4-day workshop on 3D laser scanning technology for documenting historic buildings.  It was organized for the students of the Masters in Conservation and Regeneration (MCR) at CEPT University.  The workshop is the first step towards capacity building for recording, surveying and protecting built heritage in India.

The initiative is part of the project titled, 'Surveying Heritage Buildings in Ahmedabad, India: Empowering Local Action and Skills for Heritage Conservation.'  The project is funded by NTU and carried out at the Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage (CAUGH).  The collaboration with NTU gave CHC the opportunity to introduce students to the potential usage of the technology.  It is one of the latest technologies for accurate and comprehensive documentation of the as-built condition of historic structures.  Precise documentation as per the existing condition is the pre-requisite for conservation projects.

Dr. Bernadette Devilat, Principal Investigator of the project and Research Fellow, NTU with Mrudula Mane, Research Associate, CHC introduced students to the principles of the technology on day 1 of the workshop.  For two days students got hands-on training experience following COVID-19 protocols.

Two residential structures in the custody of Jinagnya Yuva Trust in the historic city of Ahmedabad were scanned.  Students were enabled to understand such as planning the scanning process, identifying the spots for effective data collection, working around the site situations and restriction as well as understanding the technical set of the scanning device.  The discourse also focused on understanding digital tools in context with manual methods.  The workshop concluded with postprocessing of the collected data and image creation.  The collaboration with the community residing in the neighbourhood and Jinagnya Yuva Trust is further strengthened through the workshop.