CoE-INFRA leads GARUD remotely amidst COVID-19 lockdown

CoE-INFRA leads GARUD remotely amidst COVID-19 lockdown

Fri, May 01, 2020 Meeting

CoE-INFRA is advising The Gandhinagar Railway & Urban Development Corporation Limited (GARUD) in redeveloping the existing Gandhinagar Railway Station to upgrade it into a state-of-art facility with upgraded and modern public conveniences, separation of arrival and departure functions and integrated pedestrian subways. The project also involves utilizing the air rights above the station for the development of hospitality and allied uses. The construction technology employed aims at achieving greater efficiency and strength and causing minimum disturbance to the continued functioning of railway services.

The role includes monitoring compliances to contract documents, recommending corrective actions for non-compliance of tender stipulations, assisting GARUD to manage changes in the scope of work arising due to design changes or other reasons, project scheduling, monitoring, design management and coordination with all agencies, PMC, other consultants and the Client. 
Since the lockdown, CoE-INFRA staff has been working from home and coordinating the project with daily meetings scheduled on Google Meet & daily telephonic conversation with various agencies working on site. The Coordination meetings on the zoom app were also organized by the projection icon with MD GARUD, Jt. MD, PMC, Design Director & other various Agencies to avoid any delay due to paperwork after reopening of sites. 

During the lockdown, CoE-INFRA has contributed to formulating COVID-19 Guidelines for the construction site to ensure when the site gets operational the procedures are in place to facilitate the project. The center has prepared an action plan on what measures are to be taken by the workers and how it is to be ensured that the guidelines are followed. Special care has been taken for the hygiene of all the staff and workers. Checklists are prepared for ensuring the compliance of COVID-19 Guidelines on site. The onsite Labours have received lessons to maintain hygiene & clean environment around them & everyone on site is checked by Thermal guns at entry & exit. Social distancing is maintained and sanitizing is done on regular intervals. 

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