Completion of Accelerated Training Program for urban planners

 Completion of Accelerated Training Program for urban planners

Thu, November 07, 2019 Training Program

CRDF was selected as a knowledge partner by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for developing and delivering training on Local Area Plans (LAP) and Town Planning Schemes (TP) under the Accelerated Capacity Building Program. CRDF has successfully completed the training program with participation from 225 urban planners from 24 cities. The training employed a hands-on approach to learning giving participants opportunities to engage with real life problem solving. The training program has received a high rating from both the participants and Ministry.In order to support the implementation of pilot Local Area Planning and Town Planning in 25 sub scheme cities, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs have initiated an Accelerated Capacity building programme in August , 2019.

CRDF, CEPT University was selected as its knowledge partner for this rapid training delivery between August till October, 2019. The programme was launched by Shri DS Mishra, Secretary, MOHUA and Smt. D. Thara, Joint Secretary, MOHUA on August 5th, at CEPT University Auditorium.

More than 225 urban planners from 24 cities and states participated in 5 batches of this Accelerated Capacity Building programme with each batch of 4 days. Both the participants and the national ministry have highly rated this programme delivery.

Some of the key trainers participated in the programme delivery include, Dr. Bimal Patel, Mr. Ck Koshy, Prof. Vidyadhar Phatak, Mr. P.L. Sharma, CTP, Ms. Shirley Ballaney, Ms. Bindu Nair, Mr. Jignesh Mehta, Dr. Rutul Joshi, Mr. Utkarsh Patel, Ms. Deepa Dave, Dr. Vatsal Patel and Mr. R. Srinivas of TCPO. Dr. Saswat Bandyopadhyay, Professor, CEPT was the nodal co-ordinator for this Accelerated Capacity Building programme.

During the course delivery, participants also had a chance to meet and interact with several key urban officials such as, Mr. Mukesh Puri, Principal Secretary, Government of Gujarat, Mr. A.B. Gor, CEO, AUDA and other key officials.

Mr. Darshan Parikh, Mr. Firaq Pleza and Ms. Princy Jacob of CEPT/CRDF played an important role in facilitating the over training delivery within a very short span of time.