Idea - Behind the Art - Competition

Idea - Behind the Art - Competition

Mon, May 16, 2022 Others


The theme for 2022: “Outward and Upward: Planning for a Growing City.”

Cities are like trees. They grow both outwards from a central core, and in many cases, cities grow upwards as well. Cities grow through the inward migration of people seeking economic opportunity, and they also grow organically as resident populations thrive. South Asian cities are vibrant, crowded, colorful, and bustling places with diverse ethnic and cultural groups seeking their place in the resulting sprawl. All cities are different. Some are island cities like Mumbai and Singapore, while others are vertical like Hong Kong or are spread out like Delhi.

Cities in South Asia have their challenges, including inadequate services, imperfect governance and city management, and scarce resources. Often, citizens' positive attitude makes these cities attractive and livable despite their daily ordeals. The two issues of the pandemic and climate change have amplified these tribulations. Through adaptation and innovation, citizens will find their way forward in the future.

Many questions arise, such as…

How will cities balance life and work?

Will cities have denser cores?

Will cities grow outward or upward or both?

What might future urban transportation look like?

How will we deal with water supply and sanitation issues?

How will energy demands be met?

How will we continue to safeguard heritage alongside modernity?

The ‘Idea - Behind the Art - Competition' uses your imagination to create a work of art that provides a glimpse into your vision of the future South Asian City. Can you reflect upon these challenges and give us an artist’s impression of “Outward and Upward: Planning for a Growing City”?


  • Open to anyone above the age of 18
  • Individual submissions only
  • Candidates can apply to the CRDF ‘Idea behind the Art’ contest for a maximum of two years; however, those awarded the first or second position in any year are no longer eligible to apply for a subsequent year

Details of the Competition

  • Participants can submit their artwork in any following forms: a model, sculpture, painting, illustration, digital art, animation, land art, installation art, murals, and collage
  • A panel of three eminent jurors will blind review them and select the winning entries

Writing Guidelines 

  • The “Idea Behind the Art" and your thinking/philosophy/concept should be described in a 100-word write-up.
  • The writing should be clear and effective and should connect to larger audiences than the design community.


  • Announcement of the Idea behind the Art contest: 16th May 2022
  • Last date of submission: 21st July 2022
  • All queries to: