Jay Thakkar speaks at a Panel at Raw Collaborative

Jay Thakkar speaks at a Panel at Raw Collaborative

Mon, December 02, 2019 Workshop

Jay Thakkar, Executive Director of DICRC was a panelist at the Raw Talk Series and panel discussion titled, ‘Of Empty Chairs, Frayed Photos and other such Bits and Bobs’ along with Sarita Sundar, Hanno and Vrunda Pathare, Godrej Archives. The panel discussion was centred around ideas of material culture and curatorial practices. The session was interactive where the audience was engaged in discussions of why we collect, what we collect and what makes material memory truly authentic and valuable. Along with the panel, Jay also gave a talk on ‘Death and Rebirth of furniture and memories in-between’. He discussed the role of vernacular furniture in people’s lives - some of it becoming a part of their pyre, some of it reaching their graves along with the demolishing of old buildings and how it is being reborn through the ongoing project ‘Vernacular Furniture of Northwest India’ at DICRC. 

The Raw collaborative is a platform to bring together and showcase the work of the best of Indian designers bound by the philosophy of creating exclusive handcrafted furniture and home decor products that are inherently Indian in their expression, process and outcome.

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