The last session "Global and Local Trends” of the first ever virtual Knowledge Exchange Programme with Terracotta craftspeople of Gundiyali conducted by DICRC

The last session

Sat, December 12, 2020 Webinar

Globally organisations related to craft and design have been exploring different themes in their practices. Generally for the craft community to be aware of such trends in design are really important, to be able to appropriate their craft practice with contemporary time. The session “Global and Local Trends” by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Center invited a diverse set of leaders from the art and design domain from around the world to connect with the craft community.

A virtual mini-residency was conducted in this session. Through the mini-residency we facilitated an interaction between individuals and families of the terracotta craft cluster of Gundiyali and the international artists engaged on the original residency project. The interaction gave an opportunity for all participants to share knowledge, practical skills, techniques, ideas and information.

Through task setting workshops and documentation participants were encouraged to re-imagine their practice, experiment with materials, to play with ideas, try out and think about how to communicate and collaborate through use of digital technology.40 craftspeople participants, men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 participated in the session. For this session, speakers from across the country and the UK were invited to share their experiences and their practice.

This session informed the craft community about global trends in art craft and design and also connected them with various artists and communities.

The list of speakers are:

  1. Jo Ayre, Ceramic Artist, UK

  2. Peter Jones, Ceramic Artist, UK

  3. Gabriella Rhodes, Ceramic Artist, UK

  4. Ramesh Hengadi, Warli Artist, India

  5. Rasika Hengadi, Warli Artist, India

  6. Reyaz Badarrudin, Ceramic Artist, India

  7. Stephen Dixon, Professor of Contemporary Arts at Manchester School of Art, UK

The project is a collaborative project by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), CRDF, CEPT University India and The Clay Foundation and British Ceramics Biennial, UK. The project Partners are Manthan Educational Programme Society, India and Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID), Ahmedabad Chapter and Indian Ceramics Triennale (ICT) (Jaipur). This project is part of the Crafting Futures India Programme by the British Council.