Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Surat

Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Surat

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Comprehensive Mobility Plan 2046 for Surat is a strategic transportation plan prepared to address the current and future mobility needs of the city. It presents a long term vision and a road map for moving towards an integrated and sustainable transport system in the year 2046.

The plan has been developed by the Surat Municipal Corporation in close collaboration with SUDA and other stakeholder agencies and involvement of Surat’s residents through online forum and public consultation process. The plan document is in line with the CMP guidelines of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.

CMP 2046's vision was coined, keeping in view the focus areas and expectations of people from the plan as follows:

“SARAL – Safe Accessible Reliable Advanced and Low-carbon mobility in Surat”.

In line with the vision of “SARAL Mobility 2046”, five strategic goals for the plan were outlined as:

  • Improving the quality of life of people by providing a Safe and Sustainable transport system
  • Supporting the economic growth in the city by enhancing Accessibility for people and goods to major activity centers
  • Ensuring efficient connections by providing Reliable multi-modal travel options
  • Optimising transport system operations and enhancing the travel experience of people through Advanced Technological Applications in transport.
  • Contributing to the environment by promoting Low carbon mobility