Global Innovation Initiative

Global Innovation Initiative

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2014 - 2016



The Global Innovation Initiative (GII) was a commitment between the United Kingdom and the United States of America to strengthen research collaboration between universities in the UK, USA, and emerging economies of Brazil, China, India and Indonesia.In consistent with the vision set by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and USA President Barak Obama in joint statements signed in 2011 and 2012, GII was initially announced in 2013. The two year project (2014-2016) was created to support multilateral higher education research collaborations to address global challenges.

Under GII, grants were awarded to consortia of Universities focusing on interdisciplinary research activities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and issues of global significance fostering pioneering research and strengthening international partnerships. CEPT University (India) was one of the recipients under this project funded by the British Council along with Loughborough University (UK), UC Berkeley (USA) and De Montfort University (UK). This award presented a prospect to create a difference in global energy demand by influencing international standards and therefore, the national policies, building design and operational practices in various countries.