Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP)

Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP)

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Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA)


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Integrated Mobility Plan was prepared as a strategic plan which was a step towards integrating land use and transport in Indian cities. Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) supported is in the process of revising its Development Plan and hence the preparation of the Integrated Mobility Plan was taken up simultaneously. Therefore, the Integrated Mobility Plan for Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar region was a comprehensive plan being prepared alongside the Development Plan, for the management and development of the transport system in the city, supporting long-range land use objectives of the Development Plan.

The high-level plan vision was supported by the following strategic goals:

  • To develop transportation infrastructure for supporting envisaged economic development in the region and to contribute towards making Ahmedabad a globally preferred investment region
  • To facilitate efficient movement of people and goods by improving transportation network and providing more transportation choices to its residents
  • To provide a sustainable and safer transportation system focusing on non-motorized modes and public transportation system

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