Low Energy Cooling And Ventilation For Indian Residences (LECaVIR)

Low Energy Cooling And Ventilation For Indian Residences (LECaVIR)

Project details

2017 - 2020



The project focused on developing building designs comprising low-energy cooling and ventilation technologies that will employ smart self-learning control algorithms.

For each climatic zone in India, the project quantified the period of the year (or day) for which Natural Ventilation (NV) is feasible. For other periods such as hot, humid periods, Mixed Mode (MM) solutions, using a combination of NV, low energy cooling and AC systems were developed and tested. The project provided the opportunity to work with technologies which are more energy efficient and which use fewer GWP chemicals or eliminate their use altogether. Once the NV and MM strategies were established, the work focused on developing building energy management systems for controlling these hybrid systems to optimize building energy use. This involved deciding when to switch between building operation modes, when to start AC systems, and which key variables needs to be controlled. These algorithms also have self-learning capability which will automatically and continuously improve the operation of a building.

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