Moving Towards Water Secure Cities in Kutch

Moving Towards Water Secure Cities in Kutch

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Empowerment Foundation Through Dasra

2022 - Ongoing



The Kutch region in Gujarat is arid and receives three times less annual rainfall than the national average. While this situation has improved with water from the Narmada canal being made available to cities, many cities still depend exclusively on groundwater as their principal source.

The Center for Water and Sanitation received a grant from the Empowerment Foundation, USA, for supporting two cities in the Kutch region - Anjar and Gandhidham. The main aim of this project is to move these cities towards water security. Key activities under the project include citywide assessments, development of water security plans in partnership with the city governments and implementation of demonstration projects.

Pilot projects, identified through geo-hydrological studies, aim to demonstrate initiatives in rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge and urban flood control.

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