Support to Kolhapur and Satara for FSSM

Support to Kolhapur and Satara for FSSM

Project details

HT Parekh Foundation, Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, Satara Municipal Corporation

2020 - Ongoing

Capacity Building,Research


This project, funded by the HT Parekh Foundation in 2020 aims to develop and implement citywide faecal sludge and septage management (FSSM) plans for the cities of Satara and Kolhapur with special focus on urban slums. The FSSM plans propose scheduled desludging of septic tanks in pilot zones of both cities, co-treatment at STP in Kolhapur and FSTP expansion in Satara. Monitoring systems will be set up for safe desludging of septic tanks and treatment and the treatment plants are to be developed as sanitation resource centres. These activities will be supported by capacity building of city officials.

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