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Welcome to CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF).

CRDF is the research and advisory arm of CEPT University. CEPT University has created a vibrant environment of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation focused on issues concerning human habitats. Through CRDF, University engages actively in research projects, advisory assignments and capacity building initiatives aimed at solving critical problems in the built environment and improving people’s quality of life in towns and cities.

Through these research and consulting pursuits, our faculty members make available their academic knowledge and professional expertise to external stakeholders including the government, public sector organisations, NGOs, communities and businesses.

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CRDF is organized around domain-focused centers typically overseen by a senior faculty member associated with CEPT University.

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Engaging with government agencies on policies, processes and capacity enhancement is central to CRDF’s mission of advancing knowledge and action on built environments in Indian cities. Our interdisciplinary research that spans diverse areas from built environment and energy, urban land planning and policy processes, urban infrastructure, to leveraging geospatial technology for decision making is aimed at delivering tangible results with far-reaching impact.


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Cities supported under Performance Improvement Plans of CWAS


Personnel trained for Local Area Planning & Town Planning Schemes


Cities supported for sustainable transport policy and practice


Performance Assessment for Urban Water and Sanitation (PAS)
Performance Assessment for Urban Water and Sanitation (PAS)

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
2009 - Ongoing | Capacity Building,Research | CWAS

Citywide Inclusive Sanitation – Wai
Citywide Inclusive Sanitation – Wai

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Wai Municipal Council
2018 - Ongoing | Capacity Building,Research | CWAS

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  August 22, 2022
CWAS enhancing urban environment in Satara
  August 22, 2022
CWAS enhancing urban environment in Satara

CWAS, in partnership with HT Parekh Foundation, has supported the cities of Kolhapur and Satara in Maharashtra in implementing Faecal S...

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