Art and Architecture of Vadnagar

Art and Architecture of Vadnagar

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The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) is conducting research on the ‘Art and Architecture of Vadnagar', supported by the Directorate of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Gujarat. Vadnagar is a town and municipality in Gujarat, 100 km north of Ahmedabad and a site of multiple historical layers spanning centuries of human habitation. The project will comprehensively survey and analyze the art and architectural heritage of Vadnagar to systematically chronicle the development of the city, the region, and its connections with the world. The aim is to develop a detailed historical timeline of developments by studying settlement morphology, building typology, building elements, construction materials, and technology. Further, a comparative study of morphology and different architectural scales vis-a-vis cultural periods will identify the influences that have historically shaped the society, culture, and built environment of Vadnagar.

Dr. Gauri Bharat, an expert in architectural history and research, is the principal investigator for the project, and Dr. Jigna Desai is the Co-Investigator. Nigar Sheikh (Conservation Engineer), Revathi Anandan (Conservation Architect), and Richa Bihari (Architectural Historian) are the research collaborators. Nigar Sheikh organized an International Workshop on ‘Material Explorations in Vadnagar and Other Historic Sites’ in July 2023 to reflect on the aspects of material characterisation in historic sites.


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