Condition Assessment of Christian Cemetry

Condition Assessment of Christian Cemetry

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British Association For Cemeteries In South Asia (BACSA)




Centre for Heritage Conservation (CHC) is conducting research on surveying and recording of the graves dated during the British era. British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA) have approached CHC to investigate Christian Cemetry located in Bhuj, Kutch. The project involves an initial survey visit, followed by a visit to conduct the Digital Documentation and Condition Assessment of the graves that date back to the 1800s. Digital documentation was carried out using 3D Lidar scanning and photogrammetry. 3D lidar scanning provided information about the overall setting, form and size of the site and graves. While terrestrial photogrammetry was done for the graves built during 1800s to 1940s for the detailed information of the current condition including colour and texture of the site and graves. Material Study was conducted on-site to understand the composition of the material used as well as its physical properties.

The project is lead by Dr Jigna Desai and assisted by Vidisha Purohit. Material Study was conducted by Nigar Shaikh, and Digital Documentation team involved Mrudula Mane, Drashti Nakrani and Nishra Shah. 

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