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Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative

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2021 - ongoing



Annual Report - Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative

Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC), CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Ahmedabad and Avichal Heritage Foundation, Dharmaj have collaborated in an effort to safeguard the heritage of Dharmaj, a small village in the Charotar region of Gujarat.

A series of four projects focusing on the conservation and regeneration of valuable heritage assets of the village has been proposed through educational, research and outreach activities.


Project 1: Digital Interactive Map of Heritage Assets
A resource for people who live and have lived in Dharmaj and the Charotar region to be able to access and understand the history and heritage of Dharmaj through a single digital platform.

Project 2: Conservation Site School: Sustainable restoration of two structures
A pilot project demonstrating the process of conservation through educational and outreach activities, appealing to people who own a house in Dharmaj and want to give it a new life by conserving. 

Project 3: Regeneration of the Library as a new age interactive place
Modernisation of the local library for the residents of Dharmaj as an interactive place with improved access to books and archival resources on the history and heritage of Dharmaj while parallelly digitising them for preservation.

Project 4: Owners’ guidelines for conservation 
A set of guidelines specifically designed for the residents and diaspora of Dharmaj who wish to upgrade their houses in a way that preserves and enhances the heritage value of the building.

Nominate a site for Conservation Site School initiative at Dharmaj
We invite you to nominate potential heritage structures in Dharmaj that can be taken up under the Conservation Site School initiative (Project 2). You may also choose to grant permission to access sites that can be included as part of documentation and research activities undertaken as part of the initiative.

Nominate a site

Pledge your donation
We request you to donate generously to this initiative. Your support will be acknowledged on all information disseminated around this initiative through the web presence of Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC), CRDF and Avichal Heritage Foundation through newsletters about the project. 

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Volunteer with us
We welcome you to volunteer for various project-related activities. Volunteering with include contribution of your time, skill, expertise and any other support necessary to carry out site activities.

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Spread the word
We will be regularly posting updates on the project through our social media handles. You can help us by spreading the word about the Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative and encouraging donations and volunteers.

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