Endangered Wooden Architecture Program ( EWAP )

Endangered Wooden Architecture Program ( EWAP )

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CHC has been awarded the grant EWAP, the Endangered Wooden Architecture Program. The program is hosted by Oxford Brookes University, England, and delivered in collaboration with CyArk. Dr.Jigna Desai, head of the center, is the principal investigator for the program. Dr. Gauri Bhart, Brinda Shah, Mrudula Mane, Ashna Patel, Shriraj Gohil, Shaily Gandhi, and Fulchand M. Suthar will be the research collaborators for the program.

The grant will include in-depth study and digital documentation of the wooden havelis across Gujarat. This project aims at identifying up to 100 wooden havelis of Gujarat across the five regions of Gujarat and document them through 3D LiDAR scanning technology with the aim of preserving the knowledge of construction systems, ideologies of ornamentation, and histories of communities. Apart from this, an interactive GIS map will be made with the locations of each of these havelis.

The project will have an impact on how scholars, academics, administrators, and communities view the domestic architecture of Gujarat.


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