Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA)

Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA)

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2018 Onwards

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Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) regularly conducts Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA) as third-party evaluators. Over the years, the Center has conducted Heritage Impact Assessments of projects of varying scales, such as small, medium to large scale urban infrastructure projects, redevelopment projects, as well as singular buildings and constructions proposed in the vicinity of ASI protected monuments of national importance, heritage-sensitive areas, precincts and historic cities.

The Center’s objective for Heritage Impact Assessments is to make recommendations and draw mitigation measures to avoid, reduce and mitigate negative impacts and enhance the positive impacts of the proposed projects. Recommendations make every reasonable effort to avoid, eliminate, or minimize adverse impacts on the attributes that convey the historical significance of the heritage assets in consideration. The assessments are carried out keeping in mind the concerns and guidelines of the National Monument Authority (NMA), Ministry of Culture, India and UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOMOS and IUCN’s guidelines for impact assessments in a World Heritage context.

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