Certificate Course on Wooden Heritage Conservation

Certificate Course on Wooden Heritage Conservation

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This 3-day workshop from 19th to 21st January 2024, collaboratively being conducted by the Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) and CEPT Professional Programs (CPP), will introduce its participants to conservation approaches for wooden architectural heritage that form integral and important cultural components of varied historic built environments.

The hands-on engagement with techniques of conservation will be based at the CEPT Conservation Site SchoolsMukhi Delu’ and ‘Kalidas Jethabhai House’ at Dharmaj in Gujarat. These sites are exquisite examples of wooden heritage, adopted as Conservation Site Schools as part of ‘Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative’, a joint effort of the Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) at CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Avichal Heritage Foundation and the owners of the properties.

The program will include sessions by experts in the subject area, hands-on experience of assessment techniques and discussions of case studies.

The program has been developed and curated by CHC in consultation with CPP. The program will be supported with material from CHC’s ongoing work for the Endangered Wooden Architecture Programme (EWAP) Grant, hosted by Oxford Brookes University. 


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